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From: Jerry Chen
Subject: Dragon Love Ch.5 science fiction / fantasyThanks for reading! I would like opinions, criticisms, suggestions,
comments, and feedback from you guys that read this. Thank you and ENJOY!
Chapter 5Friends helpNarrator's POV "What did you do to him?" Alexis screamed at the magician. "I did what he had asked and granted him access." The magician
replied simply. "Then I want entrance too." Alexis said with determination. "Then you are to give up sight." The magician replied stoically. "What?" She asked disbelievingly. "Every mortal must give up something precious to gain entrance
whether they like it or not." He replied seemingly bored. "I agree." She said walking closer to the magician. "Wait! If your going then I am too." Erik said walking to stand
next to his girlfriend. "And were going too." Emily, Andy, and Thomas said in unison. "Very well." The magician said before raising his hand at them and
engulfing them in a blue light. Christopher awoke after a short period of time in a room. The walls
were made out of crystal and shimmered. Looking around he saw his friend
unconscious there too then same wizard in the room next to a door. He quickly made his way to his friends shaking them. Not long after
he shook them did they wake up. "Huh?" Emily said groggily. "Come on wake up guys I think we are incest image underage inside." Christopher said as
he stood back up. "Hey I can see." Alexis said looking ls underage around. "What do you mean?" Christopher asked her looking at his friend
while she was looking around at her surroundings. "That magician said that I would have to give up sight if I wanted
to gain entrance to come here." Alexis said pointing her finger at the said
magician. "Really?" Christopher replied. Before she could say something the magician spoke up. "It's true I said you must give up something precious to gain
entrance but the was the question the Dragon King had set up for this year
to see who was brave enough most mortals run away." He replied. "But why?" Erik asked standing besides his girlfriend once again. The magician didn't reply to preeteen underage boys him. "Your majesty there are mortals
here." Said the magician as his voice echoed around the place. Not long before they could hear footsteps coming their way as the
Dragon King and Queen came accompanied by some other angels models underage people. "Why are you here?" The King said furiously with a murderous gleam
in his eye. "I wish to see underage girls upskirts Jeffrey." Christopher spoke calmly looking at the
Dragon King. "Never." Came his reply as his murderous gaze looked at the group
of mortals. "Your majesty, really now let him explain." The Queen said walking
up to the mortal eyeing him before returning to the king and whispering
something in his ears. `He doesn't seem to have any weapons on him' "Very well I'll hear you out but make it quick." The King said
while thinking. `They passed the test of courage but that is a big
sacrifice just to come here' "I wish to see Jeffrey because I love him." Christopher said
shocking the King and Queen along with the merman King and mermaid Queen
along with everyone there."Never take them out now!" The King said furious. `I won't let my son be
with some mortal! He thought. Suddenly grabbed by guards that looked like prawns and crabs they
were being pulled out. "Jeffrey!" Christopher continuously yelled as he was being pulled
out.Meanwhile in the Throne roomJeffrey's POV I didn't know where I was it was dark and I underage teenies naked felt pain course
through my body. When I suddenly heard yelling. I couldn't figure out what
was being said but I heard my name being yelled loud and clear by
Christopher. `Why would he be here?' I thought. I tried my best to open my eyes when they fluttered open I could
only see blurry things closing my eyes for a minute while hearing my named
being yelled I quickly opened then again as I got my perfect eye sight
again. I quickly got up and almost falling over because of the sudden pain
and dizziness. But I kept moving Christopher was yelling for me. I walked
to where the voices were and saw mother, father, Queen Voltartia, and King
Saleragi, my `bodyguards', and most shockingly my mortal friends.Narrator's POV "Why are you guys yelling and what are you guys doing here?"
Jeffrey asked shocking everyone with his presence. Everyone turned to look at Jeffrey would was shaking a little and
pale. "Jeffrey dear what are you doing up and how are you feeling?" His
mother asked walking up to him and supporting him so he could stand. "I'm fine but what was all the yelling underage girls nudes
about?" Jeffrey asked no one
in particular. "These mortals seem to have made it in here and want to talk to
you." His father said angrily still looking at Jeffrey's friends. "Why are you here anyways you should underage sex vacations be resting." Queen Voltaria
said walking up to Jeffrey as well. "I heard Christopher dirty underage girls
calling for me so I followed the voice and I
got here." Jeffrey said out loud to no one again. Everyone looked shocked except his friends who didn't know what was
happening.To be continued... Sorry I got lazy and slowed the typing thing down... bleh I got
tired so I only got this much up sorry. I'll try to type more for next
chapter. Please sends comments or what ever to my e-mail (no flings thanks)

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